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You can apply LINKGOODS to promote personal social media or all the group buying links, or even the fan pages of your dogs and cats.
Group buying initiator
Recommended by top bloggers, this group buying tool automatically retrieves product details and arranges images beautifully. It's essential for group leaders!
Various creators
Highly recommended by community marketing expert 'EC Wife'! Easily showcase various portfolios, including images and videos. With high customization options, it caters to each creator's personal style while offering clear insight into website traffic monitoring.
You may be wondering how LINKGOODS can assist you. Our standout feature is the Digital Business Card. Register now to secure your desired username before it's taken!
Make it uniquely yours in 10 seconds
Before using LINKGOODS, please ensure you have the link contents you want to promote ready to paste into the platform. If your link is from a popular group buying website, we'll assist in automatically retrieving product information, enabling you to complete settings promptly.
High-quality background and theme
We provide dozens of exclusively designed background for free and constantly updating new designs; hence you don't have to worry about having the same style as others. You can also customize it by uploading your own images.
Drive growth with visual insights
Accurately track the performance of each link through visitors' engagement to help you understand which links performed excellently and which ones require further optimization to improve the effectiveness of your marketing
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Creators' Top Picks
LINKGOODS is super smooth and easy to use. It's quick to set up, offers a wide variety of templates, and allows for a high degree of customization.
Whether you want to quickly set up a multi-link page or customize to match your brand, LINKGOODS has got you covered.
LINKGOODS is intuitive and user-friendly. The user experience is excellent, and I highly recommend it to social media creators.
LINKGOODS provides comprehensive analytics, allowing you to understand your fans' preferences directly from the data.
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LINKGOODS is simple to operate, making it perfect for digital or social media creators. It's currently the most cost-effective multi-link tool available.
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